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Mituo Temple
No. 533 Tiyuchang Road, Xihu District (体育场路533号)
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Mituo Temple was originally built in 1878 at the fourth ruling year of Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty

Brief of Mituo Temple

Mituo Temple was originally built in 1878 at the fourth ruling year of Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty and was reputed as one of the top four temples of Hangzhou city during the period from late Qing Dynasty to early Republic Period of China. The location of the temple, Song Mu Chang (Pine Tree Plantation) was the then transportation hub of west Hangzhou city and the words "Crisscrossing waterways connecting the Grand Canal and the West Lake run in front of the temple and are packed with businessmen, tourists and pilgrims." are the best portray of the then prosperous scene of Mitou Temple. In the olden times, every spring, boats carrying pilgrims from all parts of China would flock to Hangzhou and their first stop was always the Mituo Temple. Now, the over-130-year-old Mituo Temple is hidden in an obscure lane called Mituosi Lane on Tiyuchang Road, keeping its distance from the bustling urban life.

In its history, Mituo Temple has gone through all vicissitudes of life. After the liberation, the building complex of Mituo Temple no longer served the religious purpose and the change of function led to the destruction of original buildings and environment. Although the temple as a whole was severely damaged, main buildings such as Chinese-style main hall and monks dormitory as well as the depository of Buddhism sutra combing both Western and Chinese architectural elements still stand there firmly. Due to its great historical importance, in 2000, the stone engravings of Mituo Temple was made the list of the third group of cultural protection units of Hangzhou and in 2005, the building complex of Mituo Temple was listed as the second group of historical protection building by Hangzhou.

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