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Southern Song Dynasty Imperial Palace Town
Shangcheng District, Hangzhou
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Southern Song Dynasty Imperial Palace Town, located in the core protection area of the Southern Song Lin’an City Ruins, covers an area of 3.1 sq km. The little town boasts abun...
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    Brief of Southern Song Dynasty Imperial Palace Town

    Southern Song Dynasty Imperial Palace Town, located in the core protection area of the Southern Song Lin’an City Ruins, covers an area of 3.1 sq km. The little town boasts abundant resources. For example, there is the Bread Mountain Palace Ruins, Three Departments and Six Ministries, Tai Temple, Twenty-three Square, and Drum Tower as well as other districts within the palace. Out of the palace, there is a national AAAA Level tourist area – Southern Song Imperial Street, ten open scenic spots including a national AAA Level scenic spot – Xiaoying Street, 49 intangible cultural heritage items, 42 culture and tourism experience points, all of which are left from the Southern Song Dynasty, which lasted for more than 150 years.

    What to do:
    First, free-to-watch circular-screen movie and Shaoxing opera

    In the hall of the Drum Tower, there is a circular-screen showing an eight-minute introduction to the Southern Song Dynasty, showing the life and culture in the time of the Southern Song Dynasty, such as Longquan celadon, Song brocade, movable-type printing, compass and so on. Opposite of the Drum Tower is the Wangxian Attic where Shaoxing operas are performed on the Imperial Stage.

    Second, seeking for Hangzhou “Old Memory” in Balazi Alleyway

    Balazi Alleyway, the local authority in ancient times, has three art walls: Old Times, which keeps some old photos of Hangzhou; Old Records, which is for folk stories; and the Intangible Heritage Gallery, where some intangible culture heritages are exhibited. In addition, you also can find some time-honored brands, a well-kept old stage and some other old things. Most notably, on the western side of the old stage, there is Ten-mile Imperial Street, the relief wall themed with the time, telling the entire development of Southern Song Imperial Palace.

    Third, hailing a rickshaw to visit intangible cultural heritages

    Rickshaws, the special transportation in the little town, take you everywhere, including seeing such projects such as the ancient art of Zhejiang, Hangzhou bronze sculpture, Zhangxiaoquan Scissor and so on. You can also visit the Zhejiang Art Gallery, Zhiyang Academy, Huxueyan Former Residence and so on.

    Fourth, shopping in the Wushan Temple Fair

    Until October 24th, from 9:00 to 20:00 every day, more than 90 shops open their doors to welcome tourists. All kinds of commodities are provided here, such as clothing, specialties, handicrafts.

    Fifth, experiencing 150-year imperial culture along a dragon line

    For someone who is particularly keen for the culture of Southern Song Dynasty, there is a dragon-shaped itinerary, “Southern Song Dynasty 150,” collecting the imperial culture, Southern Song folklore, flourishing business, classics of Song Dynasty and imperial healthy preservation.

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