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Twin Peaks Piecing the Clouds
At the intersection of Lingyin Road and Zhaogong Causeway Road
Twin Peaks Piecing the Clouds is one of Top Ten Views of West Lake featuring two peaks disappearing and appearing amongst the drifting rain clouds on drizzling days.

Brief of Twin Peaks Piecing the Clouds

While it‘s difficult to take your eyes off the tranquil waters, take time to gaze at the sky above West Lake. You‘ll be rewarded with the sight of two limestone mountains just past the northern edge of the lake, one to the northeast and one to the northwest. On a drizzling day in the spring or autumn, the two peaks disappear and appear amongst the drifting rain clouds. The close dark clouds and distant high mountains look like each other, forming an incredible kaleidoscope. The name “Twin Peaks Piecing the Clouds” comes from this convergence of the mountains and the clouds, another scene you cannot miss around the West Lake.

The Twin Peaks are the highest among all the hills embracing West Lake. Facing each other at a distance of 5 kilometers, they stand high and magnificent over their neighboring hills. The 256.9- meter Southern Peak, formed of limestone and colored with abundant old-growth trees, is located northwest of West Lake. It features cave attractions and stone carvings. The Northern Peak, 355 meters high, is situated behind Lingyin Temple. It is accessible by a seven minute cable car ride or by a 20 kilometer path. The Huaguang Temple, Flying Phoenix Pavilion, Peach Blossom Hill, Fan Hill and Beauty’s Peak are among the scenic attractions of the Northern Peak.

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