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Lingering Snow on the Broken Bridge
Beishan Road, Hangzhou (杭州市北山路)
Lingering Snow on the Broken Bridge is one of "Top Ten Views of West Lake", and the Broken Bridge is famous for its role in a famous folklore "Legend of White Snake".

Brief of Lingering Snow on the Broken Bridge

The Broken Bridge is located at the east end of the Bai Causeway that separates the Inner Lake and the Outer Lake. The bridge is of a single-arch vaulted stone construction with stone balustrades on both sides. To its east is a pavilion that houses a stone tablet with the imperial inscription, “Lingering Snow on the Broken Bridge.”  Beside it and facing the bridge stands a lakeside pavilion with vermilion pillars and ornate beams. It offers a nice view of the Inner Lake and the Solitary Hill.

The Broken Bridge isn’t actually broken, and it’s as complete as any other. It’s called Broken Bridge because in the winter, when the sun comes out after a couple of day’s snowfall, the snow on the sunny side of the bridge melts first, while the snow on the shady side still lingers. Thus from a distance, the bridge appears to be broken.

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