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Hangzhou Safari World
No.1 Jiulong Avenue, Hangfu Road, Hangzhou (杭州市杭富路九龙大...
As one of the most influential scenic areas in Zhejiang province, Hangzhou Safari World focuses on animal protection, research and breeding.

Brief of Hangzhou Safari World

Hangzhou Safari World focuses on animal protection (especially endangered animals’ rescuing), research and breeding. Honored as an "AAAA grade scenic spot", it is one of the most influential scenic areas in Zhejiang province.

Hangzhou Safari World is located in the scenic area of southwest Hangzhou, only 15 kilometers away from downtown Hangzhou. Occupying an area of 3500 acres, it is the largest wild animal world in Eastern China. Adhering to the principle of “human beings and animals sharing one earth”, it features unique design, modern science education system, user-friendly facilities, abundant rare animals, and wonderful animal shows.

With an eye to retain its original landscape to the ultimate, Hangzhou Safari World is partitioned into walking area and driving area. Visitors may appreciate the beauty of a myriad of animals within this park including leopards, lions, swans and golden monkeys.

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