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Yanggong Causeway
West Lake, Hangzhou (杭州市西湖)
Yanggong Causeway is one of “the Three Causeways of West Lake” along with Bai Causeway(白堤) and Su Causeway(苏堤).

Brief of Yanggong Causeway

Yanggong Causeway is one of “Three Causeways of West Lake” along with Bai Causeway (白堤) and Su Causeway (苏堤). Yanggong Causeway is located in the west of West Lake. It starts from Lingyin Road (灵隐路) in the north and connects Hupao Road (虎跑路) in the south. Along the causeway, there are a lot of famous scenic spots like “Breeze-ruffled Lotus at Quyuan Garden (曲院风荷)”, Gold Sand Harbor (金沙港), Maojiabu Scenic Area (茅家埠风景区), “Viewing Fish at Flower Pond (花港观鱼)”.

The causeway was named Yanggong Causeway in memory of Yang Mengying (杨孟瑛), the governor of Hangzhou in the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644). It is Yang Mengying who started in 1508 the construction of the causeway with the dredging from West Lake.

As the causeway features six bridges, it is also known as the "Inner Six Bridges (里六桥)". There used to be no name for the six bridges. The present-day names were first given by Tian Rucheng (田汝成), the author of “West Lake Travel Notes (西湖游览志)”.

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