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Intime Department Store (Xiasha)
No.397, South Haida Road, Hangzhou
Intime Department Store (Xiasha) is a new commercial complex o...
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    Brief of Intime Department Store (Xiasha)

    Intime Department Store (Xiasha) is a new commercial complex opened on Jan 28, 2016 close to Jinshahu Station of Metro Line 1. As the first department store of Intime in Xiasha, it covers an area of 98 thousand square meters. There are all together 8 floors above ground and 2 floors underground.

    Intime Department Store (Xiasha) includes department stores, restaurants, children’s playground and large cinemas. This Intime department store is a brand new type of retail store than other stores in Hangzhou.

    The highlight of the department store is that when you shop in different stores, you can scan the QR codes of the commodities and pay though APP, the commodities you buy will be delivered to your home afterwards.

    Most of the brands within Intime department store appear as factory stores. Thus customers can have more access to discount commodities.

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