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Aeon Mall Hangzhou
No. 1888, Gudun Road, Hangzhou
Aeon Mall is a Japan invested shopping mall chain in China. Ae...

Brief of Aeon Mall Hangzhou

Aeon Mall Hangzhou is located in Liangzhu New Town opening on Nov 27, 2015.

Aeon Mall is a Japan invested shopping mall chain in China. Aeon Market is the highlight of the shopping mall. As a supermarket within a commercial complex, the scale is as large as Tesco or Wal-Mart. Aeon Market has three floors, the first floor for food market and qualified life pavilion, second floor kitchenware and clothes, third floor baby products and children playground.

As a Japanese enterprise, the shopping mall aims at providing warm and kind services to customers. The staffs were all trained with Japanese service manners.

The largest Japanese furniture store Nitori opened its first branch store in Hangzhou. Customers can choose freely their favorite Japanese-style furniture without going abroad. CocoAnge, the famous Japanese barbershop also launched its first store chain.

Besides the general merchandise, Hangzhou Gourmet Square located on the third floor offers various delicious snacks for guests. Japanese food, Korean food and Chinese food are all provided with multiple choices.

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