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My Sweets
No. 362-364, Gudun Road, Hangzhou (杭州市古墩路362-364号)
On Gudun Road is situated a lovely little bakery — My Sweets....
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    Brief of My Sweets

    On Gudun Road is situated a lovely little bakery — My Sweets. Unlike those large bakery chains with the same look, My Sweets features its own style. With a big Logo — a lovely girl with short hair and straight bang, hanging at the gate, it’s hard for you to miss it. According to the owner, the logo is designed according to the photo of her daughter when she was young.

    Upon entering the door, you will be captured by the fresh scent of those breads and cakes. There are two floors in My Sweets, with the first floor packed with various kinds of breads and cakes and the second floor being a European Cafe. They offer confectionary fresh-made cakes, torts, mousses, and pastries that taste as good as they look, but they also have an array of breads, sandwiches, croissants, and cookies, again, all made fresh, in-house. The second floor Café provides a very comfortable seating, an abundance of natural light, and free Wi-Fi. Compared with other bakeries, the prices are relatively expensive, but considering the level of quality, they are quite reasonable. So, if you’re in the mood for sweets, do yourself a favor and check out My Sweets.

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