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Jiu Zhi Zhai (Jiefang Road)
No. 109, Jiefang Road, Shangcheng District (上城区解放路109号)
Jiu Zhi Zhai, a house-hold name in Hangzhou, is one of Hangzho...
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    Brief of Jiu Zhi Zhai (Jiefang Road)

    Jiu Zhi Zhai, a house-hold name in Hangzhou, is one of Hangzhou’s top time-honored pastry stores. Originally established in 1925, it mainly sells various kinds of Su style preserved fruits and pastries, including sesame crunch candies, peanut strips, mung bean cakes, red bean candies and coconut cookies. Its reasonable price and delicious taste attract queues, especially during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

    Except traditional sweet pastries, Jiu Zhi Zhai has created savory varieties, adding pickled vegetables and spiced salt, which found popular with Hangzhou locals. In addition, in order to attract younger pastry fans, Jiu Zhi Zhai also offers Western pastries and cakes. The most popular pastry in Jiu Zhi Zhai is a freshly made mooncake containing pork and hot pickled vegetables. The mooncake is served hot from the oven and tastes mellow and crisp.

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