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CityLife Supermarket
Hangzhou Tower, No.21, Wulin Square, Hangzhou
CityLife Supermarket can offer you Hangzhou's latest – and pe...
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    Brief of CityLife Supermarket

    CityLife Supermarket can offer you Hangzhou's latest – and perhaps coolest – upscale shopping experience.

    You can find out yourself whether the place is the “best of the bunch in regards to obscure foreign foods that usually have to be smuggled into the country at the risk of deportation.” You can get the family-sized bags of Doritos in Cool Ranch, Nacho Cheesier, and Spicy Nacho Cheese for 32RMB each. You'll also find things like 250g ILLY espresso for 130RMB, jars of Barilla pasta sauces in Napoletana, Olive, Bolognese, and Arrabbiata for 35.90RMB.

    There's plenty for everyone at the new CityLife Supermarket, and if you are in the mood for something other than canned, bagged, and bottled foods, you'll be amazed at the selection of sushi-grade fish that is kept in high-tech coolers with shiny, clean displays on the sales floor. There's even a central island with a Chef preparing various goodies for all to see and learn from, and the cheese section had us foaming at the mouth with smoked salmon and herb wheels of spreadable goodness for 35RMB.

    Parking is underground, and prices are subject to change, so hurry up and get yourself over there to see what the new CityLife Supermarket has to offer you.

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