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Osmanthus Rice Cakes
Osmanthus Rice Cakes
Being Hangzhou’s city flower, osmanthus has been extensively planted throughout Hangzhou. Its elegant look and strong fragrance make it widely appreciated by the locals.
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    Brief of Osmanthus Rice Cakes

    Osmanthus Rice Cake is a Hangzhou-style dessert made out of glutinous rice powder, sugar and osmanthus sugar1. It’s a time-honored cake with various kinds which can satisfy people's different demands towards flavor. It’s usually square in shape, snow-white in color with tiny dried golden and brown osmanthus flowers embedded in it. With a strong scent of osmanthus it tastes sweet and is soft and smooth to touch.

    Note: 1. Osmanthus sugar is made by squeezing out the juice of osmanthus flowers, which is then preserved in sugar.

    Where to eat: Lou Wai Lou, Zhi Wei Guan, Kui Yuan Guan and so on

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