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Starbucks, Hubin Branch
No.1, Hubin Road, Hangzhou (杭州市湖滨路1号)
Featuring cozy atmosphere, good service and amazing view of the West Lake, Starbucks (Hubin Branch) is beloved by all for good reason.
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    Brief of Starbucks, Hubin Branch

    Dubbed as “the Capital of Tea” and “the Cradle of Tea Civilization”, Hangzhou embraces coffee with open arms around two decades ago. However, coffee remains the domain of trendsetters rather than connoisseurs.

    Starbucks Café (Hubin Branch) is one of the earliest establishments in Hangzhou. The coffee, desserts and beverages served here are diversified and impeccable. Featuring cozy atmosphere, good service and a spacious balcony offering amazing view of the West Lake, it is beloved by expats, tourists and locals alike for good reason.

    Avoid weekends and holidays, unless you want to elbow your way through the crowd.

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