The Most Beautiful Scenic Spot in Hangzhou
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Hangzhou, since ancient times, has been an everlasting source of inspiration for scholars and poets, and a favorite of emperors. Last September, it was thrust into the global spotlight when it hosted a successful G20 Summit and in 2022, Hangzhou will be holding the Asian Games, which will surely prove to be another opportunity for the world to be once more enchanted by its beauty.

Hangzhou boasts of numerous breathtaking sights which have won it multiple accolades. In 2015 and 2016, it was selected by New York Times as one of "52 Places to Go"; in 2016, it was listed as one of the "Seven Places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve" by Lonely Planet and in 2016 “the most worth visiting places in the world” by Travel + Leisure. In 2017, it was included in the list of “World’s Top 200 Charming Cities.”

To further promote the abundant tourism resources of Hangzhou, the Hangzhou Tourism Commission has organized the “Most Beautiful Scenic Spot in Hangzhou” campaign.

How to Participate

1. Participants need to send essays (in English) to the email

2. The essay should be themed on one particular scenic spot in Hangzhou and needs to illustrate why the scenic spot is the most beautiful. The essay should ideally be between 300 and 500 words, and essayists are encouraged to include self-shot photos of the scenic area in the submission.

3. The Hangzhou Tourism Commission will then select one first prize winner, three second prize winners and five third prize winners, and notify them by email by May 20, 2017. The essay of the first prize winner will be published on the official website of Hangzhou Tourism Commission (

4. Prizes will be given away by May 30, 2017.


1. First Prize (one winner): One night’s stay at the Relais Chateaux Chaptel Hangzhou (guestroom in Yinlu Garden Villa worth 3,000 RMB per day);

2. Second Prize (three winners): Second Prize (three winners): An afternoon tea at Relais Chateaux Chaptel Hangzhou (worth 300 RMB);

3. Third Prize (five winners): 100 RMB worth of Hangzhou tourism vouchers

The Hangzhou tourism voucher can be used to purchase tickets to scenic spots and performances or tours provided by us in Hangzhou. The voucher cannot be exchanged for money.

Submission Deadline:  May 10, 2017

The Hangzhou Tourism Commission reserves all rights related to the operation and results of the campaign.

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