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Hangzhou’s Subway – Finding the Perfect Stop for Sightseeing

Hangzhou’s Subway – Finding the Perfect Stop for Sightseeing

Hangzhou is an engaging city with lots to offer and with its well-developed public transportation system this makes it convenient for exploring, even for those who are not familiar with the city’s surroundings. As for the mode of transport, taking the subway is one way to finding the perfect stop for shopping, dining, and of course sightseeing.

West Lake Culture Square Station

Recommendation: Zhejiang Science and Technology Museum

Location: 581 North Zhongshan Road, West Lake Culture Square

Covering a floor area of 30,000 square meters with 104 exhibition projects and more than 300 exhibit items on the subject of life science, environmental science, material and aerospace science, energy science, IT technology, Zhejiang’s Science and Technology Museum is a great place for children and teenagers to broaden their horizons. Learn More About Zhejiang Science and Technology Museum.

Wulin Square Station

Recommendation: Eight-Girl Musical Fountain

Location: 49 North Huancheng Road

The eight-girl musical fountain is one of the earliest landmarks of Hangzhou. The show, performing twice a day at 7:30 and 8:30 pm, involves a cascade of water that appears to dance to music and changing lights. The main waterspout is as tall as 36 meters. Visitors are always impressed by its amazing and magnificent beauty.

Restaurant Recommendation: Panggeliang Crab Pot (on average 60 RMB per person)

Address: near B1 Outlets, 4th floor, Building A, Hangzhou Shopping City, North Huancheng Road

The crab meat with its variety of special sauces is a popular choice and in addition to the crab pot, the succulent and boneless chicken feet are also a tasty treat.

Fengqi Road Station

Recommendation: Jiali Center

Location: 353 Yan’an Road

This mall, a new favorite for those in pursuit of fashion, is full of designer brands from all over the world.

Recommendation: Mr. Choi French Dessert (on average 104 RMB per person)

Address: 108 Attached Building, Shangri-la Hotel

This is a branch of Mr. Choi from Shanghai, a popular café that sells delicious French desserts. The café’s high prices have not stopped the fans from queuing up. If you fancy a slice of their most famous Napoleon cake then it’s advisable to book in advance.

Longxiangqiao Station

Recommendation: Hubin Musical Fountain

Location: on the west intersection of Hubin Road and Pinghai Road

The world-famous West Lake, a symbol of Hangzhou, is home to a musical fountain that is regarded as the lake’s No.1 highlight. Many visitors and locals can often be seen flocking to the water’s edge, attracted like magnets to the fascinating combination of lights, music and cascading fountains.

Restaurant Recommendation: Base Grill (on average 97 RMB pp)

Address: 51 Hubin Road

Base (literally means Eight Colors in English) restaurant is a branch of the chain of restaurants that hail from South Korea. The decoration, apparatus and materials are the same as those used in the main restaurant in Seoul. The name of the restaurant indicates the 8 flavors of the grills, namely ginseng, wine, pine needle, garlic, flower, curry, bean sauce and spicy sauce.

Ding’an Road Station

Recommendation: Nanshan Campus of China Art Academy

Nanshan Campus of China Art Academy, without any bounding walls, is a part of the West Lake scenery. Ivy clings to the facade of the building with great vigor and the layout of the buildings and gardens gently releases the artistic ambiance of this place.

Jiangling Road Station

Recommendation: IVI 1895 Movie Street

Address: 4th Floor, Star Avenue 3rd Phase, 228 Jiangnan Avenue

This is believed to be one of the most beautiful cinemas in Hangzhou. The star avenue is one of its highlights. Learn More About Star Avenue

Restaurant Recommendation: Hiyang Super Buffet (on average 63 RMB pp)

Location: Star International Plaza, 228th Star Avenue

About 600 meters to the west of Jiangling Road Station stands the biggest non-smoking buffet grill restaurant. With more than 300 dishes to choose from and at reasonable prices, you will be glad you made this stop on your journey.

Xianghu Station

Recommendation: Xianghu Lake

Location: 2758 Fengqing Avenue

Compared with the West Lake, Xianghu Lake is much quieter and is often referred to as the shy sister situated in the south of Hangzhou. This is a place suitable for those who prefer tranquility to the hustle and bustle of downtown life. Read More about Xianghu Lake

Recommendation: Hangzhou Polar Ocean World

Location: 777 Xianghu Road, Xianghu Scenic Area

Hangzhou Polar Ocean World is one of the largest ocean parks in China and is the biggest ocean park in eastern China. It is home to more than a hundred polar animals like polar bears, wolves, foxes and whales, and many of which have never been seen in Hangzhou before. Read More About Hangzhou Polar Ocean World