April — June

July — September

October — December

April 18 — May 5
The theme of the festival is to promote the Grand Canal’s applying for the World Heritage Site and present friends from home and abroad with the delicacies of Gongshu District.
June 18 — June 22
The carnival combines a wealth of leisure elements like delicacies, quality wines and splendid art performances etc, aiming to create the hottest outdoor party in summer.
From June 18
The red bayberries grown in Dujia Village gained their reputation during the Northern Song Dynasty and used to be the tribute to the emperors. They are delicious, nutritious and of high medicinal and practical value.
May 17 — June 8
Situated by the Grand Canal in north Hangzhou, Tangqi Ancient Town tops “Ten Renowned Ancient Towns of Jiangnan Region”. With the fertile land, favorable climate and rich resources, it’s the epitome of “Home of Fish and Rice, Land of Flowers and Fruits and Capital of Silk” in Hangzhou. It’s extremely famous for its loquats.
Mid July
Every July is the time for honey pears in Luniao Town. The annual Honey Pear Festival has been held for ten times, with each year offering visitors juicy honey pears and wonderful cultural activities.
July 18 — August 30
Held on every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday till August 30, visitors in the carnival can join in a large number of activities such as enjoying beach BBQ, drinking cool beer to heart’s content, dancing in bonfire party and reminiscing about the past in an open-air film.
Early August to September
Jingshan Cool Grape Festival is a creative combination of the juicy grapes in Jingshan Town and Shuangxi Drifting. Available from early August to September, the festival offers visitors an opportunity to enjoy the cool and sweetness of Hangzhou in summer.
September 17 — October 20
As the traditional festival of Xixi Wetland National Park, Xixi Red Persimmon Festival involves many activities such as picking persimmons under the instruction of professional persimmon farmers, watching Yueju Opera, and joining Persimmon Parade.
From November 11
Cangqian Yangguo Village in Hangzhou is renowned for its unique dish - Taoyangguo (a kind of mutton hot pot) which has a history of over 100 years.
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