◆ Business Events

● West Lake International Expo

So well-known is this expo, that it has been known as the gold name card for Hangzhou. The Expo is characterized not only by the best of Hangzhou products, but also the best of Hangzhou culture, history, and scenery. In West Lake International Expo, there are exhibitions, conferences and various commercially oriented activities, including regular economic and trade events, as well as several more contemporary time-honored events, such as the Hangzhou Art Festival, West Lake Gourmet Festival and the West Lake International Fireworks Festival.MORE >>

● China (Hangzhou) Cartoon and Animation Festival

The China International Cartoon and Animation Festival is China’s largest cartoon and animation event and has been held annually in Hangzhou since 2004. As the most influential animation and cartoon festival in the country, it has not only seen a rise in the number of professionals flocking to the city but the number of tourists have also increased, promoting a growing industry and enriching the cultural life of its locals. Guided by the slogan, "A feast for cartoonists and animators, and a festival for all", the festival will continue its charm in internationalizing the cartoon industry and animating the people and city of Hangzhou.MORE >>

● China (Hangzhou) International Tea Culture Expo

Hangzhou, the tea capital of China, has a time-honored history in tea cultivation and tea drinking and as “Paradise on the Earth”, Hangzhou is blessed with bright mountains and rivers which have bred many high-profile teas. Among them, the West Lake Dragon Well Tea tops the ten renowned teas in China and is considered as a green name card perfectly presentable to the rest of the World. In addition to this, Dragon Well Tea is also representative of the culture of West Lake (UNESCO World Heritage Site).In order to deepen the development of the tea industry and promote tea culture, West Lake International Tea Culture Expo has been held annually since 2005.MORE >>

● Other Business Events Successfully Held in Hangzhou

East Asia Business Forum 2015 DHG International Tour Forum
2015 China Hangzhou Wealth Management Forum 5th International Conference on Management of Travel Destinations
14th China Hangzhou Chemical Fibre Forum International Conference on Service Science (ICSS)2010
22th Global Finance Conference 3rd Business Conference of China-Arab States Cooperation Forum
7th China (Hangzhou) Open Economy & Financial Engineering International Conference 12th West Lake International Small & Medium Sized Enterprises Seminar